Sprinting through the stillness

The Whites

"For all the Senses"
— At the northern side through the winding paths
of the spontaneous gardens arose a maze
that brought those who passed through wisdom from confusion

In the southern desert the stone spires
that curved wind into a sculptic scribe
vibrating sacred syllabic shapes on the surface of rainbow sands

At the western ocean perfected curling waves
caught morning rays and cast forms and refracted colours
into the mirror of receding rollers wetting glassy beaches

Safely sheltered all by the eastern mountains
where echoing thunder foretold of the coming showers
that refreshed all and fed newly born endless waterfalls

This was the arisen of goddesses that arrived on rays
aeons ago and since preparing for a time when one victorious one would arrive
willing to receive sanctuary and all senses could enjoy at the pavillion

A tower beyond ordinary vision in plain view and invisible to the harmful
a doorway opened as the emmisary greeted the tathagata of each world
offering the clearest water in welcome and invitation to stay and be honoured with care

Up a gentle stair to a tall spire of 8 sides and winding to
the first of 4 broad windows positioned to take in the views of north, east, south and west
where centuries passed in minutes as cascading colours blooming forests and plains shifted and waved

The forest gardens woven in sacred designs and constantly self seeding into symbols and patterns
and then slowing to allow perfect confluence of weather and form to be savoured
the variety of creatures who expressed higher intention constantly manicured and replanted in succession

Inside the bath-house was a museum where every wall chronicled inspiring tales of the journey
they who had come had undertaken to reach enlightenment and the waters were both warm and cold
as desired where sun warmed rocks and cool springs were channeled together a travelers dust was washed away

Ancient designers who had grown, mined and cooked together ingredients from distant lands
burned in offering incense that inspired and transported the mind to naturally perceive clearly
perfect mixtures of incense wafted in harmonious variations delighted the nose

Toweled and robed in the best textured fabrics as they left the bathing pool
they offered physical care, straightening bones and sinew, anointing with a salve that removes any discomfort of wind, heat and cold
and massaging until any knots of long journeys were released into perfect relaxation

A banquet of 60 courses and songs of 60 tones in homage to the ultimate teachings leading to salvation
was offered and guests could be brought from anywhere to join in
and in the end all danced and drank from the valiant cup of strong substances

All the senses were pleased and the tathagatas were pleased even though they had no need for any
they responded with rays of blessing power returning to the minds that had summoned these places
from the background of everything and beings everywhere felt at ease, awakened peacefully from their long sleep



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