Practicing to kick off an auspicious retreat back in June

Rugged men drinking tea

Ah the Irish sundown

"Stop. Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see." - i don’t know why but this picture makes me think of Monty Python. Found under a tree in Ireland.

Hanging around

"Attached to position"

The gambler watched the numbers roll

and rise and rise his pile then fall and fall

his system a mistake and his optimism a weakness

then she looked at him with lucky eyes,

the gaming mistress, the shadowy queen

He pondered over time and again the wayward fortune

the loss and gain and desperation to obtain

the larger accumulation of the pointless token

and he wonder if he would win if he aimed to lose

distressed in his life with the gaming mistress

Then he trained to lose his wishes and his fancy

to be rich and successful when it kept him down

so poor and miserable but each time she glanced

he smell the perfume and the fascination returned

to win the heart of that gaming mistress

She would bend to his will if he was looking to lose

and dress him in fine clothes and the scent of their union

as he worked and grinded his forehead across digits patiently

waiting for the tumblrs to unlock the likened combination

of the locks to make her his wife and steal her crown

First shout out to someone i said i would send some film to - hoping to do that this week. I am so lazy with getting into the bulk-loading process … but feel some energy today.

Todays music: CD1 of Glenn Miller Orchestra … more cheesy than i remember but some moments of quality. I think retro really goes well with developing film … gentle swing vs headbanging thrash.

Shit that happened …

There is some “pre-rinse vs no pre-rinse debate” regarding normal C41 processing. The idea is that pre-rinse wets down the film, gets it ready to absorb the chemical deeper from the get-go rather than the way liquid tends to bounce off dry surfaces for a short time. 15 seconds is a whole push 1 stop in C41 so … but also who cares what people say with theory. In practice it looks how it looks and you get to know. Today i left it in the pre-rinse, which i just did for change, way too long and the water was probably a bit too hot. So the coloured residue that filled the water was quite a lot - never seen so much greeny goop come out with the pre-rinse.

The other pre-rinse argument is that the tank gets warmed up - thats really why i did it. More and more i think the tank that isn’t hot enough that can drop the temperature of the chemical developer, the one that has to be most precise in temp, to drop as much as 1-2 degrees quite quickly. So i tend to put 39 degree developer instead of 38 in so that it averages out to be the right temperature through the process.

Anyone have any tips, comments?

Australian Barista in France

My friend told me it reminds him of old Soviet art propaganda portraits

Shadowy Skies over temple

Blue and Green territorial disputes

Following the line

Kimberly Avec AL photowalkin’