Childrens school plan

I am really there, thanks so much everyone


Ever-changing corridors of travel

Between Gays and Bodhgaya

Thank you India for AC train waiting rooms


Working to keep calm or notice when calm has ceased
thoughts rushing, excuses, reasons for excuses for thoughts rushing
uptight while well softened, worried while in no danger
ready to sell out your trusting nature for a paranoid pittance

’ “Look how he abused me and beat me,
How he threw me down and robbed me.”
Live with such thoughts and you live in hate. ‘
Famous words of the free and awakened one

If you rewrite your basic status to carry nothing
if you give up your demands to have always what you’re “you” wants
then Buddha says you can “Abandon such thoughts and live in love.”
and then you can find a way to understand

Having so much, amongst so many with so little,
thick skin of fear, holding on to so much
we are like a courier always rushing scared through a city
mistrusting, finding proof of our mistaken judgement everywhere

I walk through the streets, here a child grabs at my camera
there a couple of men invite me down into their shop
in some dark mysterious corridoor, i decline to follow them
I hold tightly to my camera … i don’t know what to do

I catch a ride and the man follows my pointed finger guiding
While I swallow a litre of water and a headache tablet
eventually he drops me in a random location because it is as far
as it seems he is allowed to go into the wealthy part of town.

As i say goodbye denying him his demands for more rupees
can’t fault them for trying, and i think, i gave more than what is fair
but what is fair … this place isn’t fair, sometimes the Sydney price
would be less and still i feel “don’t i owe them all some karmic debts”

A western buddhist is more challenged to “be with” than to “be without”
with so much - each item comes with a contract of grasping
how will you ever be released without offering it all back
to fly up above you will have to drop the weight

Yet maybe when you land again you can pick it up and walk
again in the ordinary land if some of it remains
untrusting or trusting are polar sides of a non-existing coin
but they are decisions one must make constantly

Trust more often, and you will see more to trust
lose more often and you might really win a key
to unshackle more chains you didn’t feel or know
were dragging you, slowing you, harming you

      (Portions of this from the Dharmapada by Buddha)

Afternoon food aisle

Aqua Java, Kolkata, street photography has a strong tradition of cafe breaks. I searched for this while I marched to my accomodation yesterday but couldn’t find it, no I serendipitously happened upon it after the first peg of my city walk. I can now dry off and have a walk drink to counteract AC hypothermia … Perfect.

Beach Grass

The view - my latest accommodation

Cross town Kolkata in a groovy old taxi, complete with Hindu Shrine